Letters home 2012/13

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July 2013

Collection of GCSE results

Yr 11 Uniform

Royston to Bassingbourn bus update letter to parents and bus route

Sponsored charity walk and sponsor form

Expectations for Learning

Locker letter to parents

June 2013

Yr 10 trip to Long Road 05.07.13

Yr 7 Tutor Evening 04.07.13

Yr 10 Tutor Evening 04.07.13

Letter to parents from Mr Cooper regarding curriculum, timetabling and teaching Sept 2013

Ski Trip 2014 (students currently in yrs 7, 8 and 9 only)

Ski Trip Insurance documentation - website link

May 2013

Royston bus update

New yr 7 starters September 2013 Caythorpe letter

GCSE TK Controlled Assessment meeting

April 2013

Medical and Contact details update forms - PDF version or Word version

Yr 10 Globe visit

March 2013

Triple Science students - letter to parents

Royston Bus Route letter to parents

Options Evening Moore and Shakespeare Colleges

Options Evening Luther King and Keller Colleges

Ofsted letter from Mr Cooper

Yr 9 Parents' Evening

Comic Relief letter 15.03.13

Higher tier Maths revision guide letter to parents

February 2013

Ofsted leaflet to parents

Ofsted letter to parents

Sicily trip Information for Parents

Year 7 Parents' Evening

MFL Controlled Assessments 11FR1, 11FR2, 11SP1, 11SP2

Maths revision 9th February for students taking GCSE Maths at the end of February

January 2013

Yr 10 Immersive Day PSHE session

Yr 8 Immersive Day Science Activity, Zoolab

Poetry Live

Yr 9 Natural History Museum trip 28th January 2013

December 2012

Ambassador Service Scheme year 7

Yr 10 Work experience meeting January 2013

Yr 11 RE trip to Walsingham

Yr 7 Trip to Warwick


Yr 7 Maths Department letter to parents


November 2012

History trip to Berlin 2013 (GCSE History students)

Yr 7 Immersive Day science letter to parents

Year 10 Art/Textiles visit

Year 10 Language students visit

Yr 11 Language letter to parents

Yr 10 Parents Evening

Yr 8 trip to the Black Country Museum

All year groups re: Movember non-uniform day

Yr 9 Varsity Rugby trip

Yr 9 French trip 2013

Yr 8 French trip 2013

Year 7 Music Concert (rescheduled)

Year 10 Controlled Assessments French and/or Spanish

Letter to year 7 and 8 parents regarding English Homework Learning Booklet

October 2012

Letter to year 10 parents regarding a Parents Information Evening on 25th October 2012

Letter to year 8 parents regarding Immersive Day (Technology activity)

Letter to year 9 parents regarding Immersive Day (Technology activity)

Letter to parents from the Chair of Governors re: new Principal appointment

Year 7 concert 26/27th November 2012

Year 7 tutor Evening 11th October 2012


September 2012

Parent consultation forum 4th October 2012   

16+ letter for year 11 parents/students

Homework letter to all year groups

Second letter from the Head of English to parents of years 8, 9 and 10

Letter from the Head of English to parents of years 8, 9 and 10

Letter to Yr 11 parents - permission to leave college at lunchtime

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