During the five years that students spend at the Bassingbourn Village College, we aim to provide a programme of study that builds upon the work undertaken in primary schools. We also endeavour to...

  • Promote a broad and balanced curriculum for all students.
  • Provide a relevant curriculum for individual student needs.
  • Promote development in all curricular areas of the learning experience,
    and aspire towards excellence and student endeavour.
  • Give opportunities for each student to develop individual interests and talents.
  • Enable all students to make informed and sensible choices.
  • Develop the student as a member of the community and as a future adult in society,
    with a range of personal and social opportunities and responsibilities.

Please use the links to the left to view departmental specific information which includes KS3 and KS4.

Please find below a guide for parents to assist you in helping to support your child during the summer term examination period. 


  1. Parents guide - what you can do to help your child with their GCSEs